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Complimenting  Malaysia’s natural wonders is its diverse multi-ethnic cultural heritage including Indian, Chinese, Malay and Orang Asli (Malaysian aboriginal). From remote highland villages to the fishing villages of the Bajau Laut 'Sea Gypsies in Semporna, traditional cultural links still abound and yet a thoroughly modern cosmopolitan vibe infuses the cities. To top it all off , Malaysia is home to some of the best food in Asia.  Its an awesome combination, contact us with your requirements today and we will help to advise you on the most suitable options available in Malaysia. 

Malaysia combines a unique natural and cultural heritage that make it a must consider location for tropical filming in Asia. Her dense jungles pulse with life and are some of the most diverse on earth while stunning tropical islands and exotic beaches team with marine species . All this contrasts with the high-rise city scapes and ritzy malls of Kuala Lumpur and the the colonial heritage of Penang and various hill stations. 

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                                                                              Malaysia Film Permits:


Peninsular Malaysia has a film friendly and streamlined permitting process. There are no extraordinary restrictions or rules and permits can usually be processed in 2-3 weeks. Permit processing in Malaysian Borneo (the states of Sabah and Sarawak) is more complex and requires at least 6-8 Weeks for Sarawak and 8-10 weeks for Sabah. 


For the production of scripted drama, the Film in Malaysia Incentive provides a 30% cash rebate on all Qualifying Malaysian Filming Costs. Malaysian film work permits must be applied for through a FINAS licenced company or approved government agency. We will arrange this on your behalf.

Note, the  permit processing time frame also influenced by  the complexity of the shoot and the number of government agencies and other organizations involved. If a shoot visits national parks, historical sites, religious sites or several different provinces which require separate paperwork processing, the processing time frame will increase accordingly. Therefore please use the above mentioned time frames as a guide  only and speak to us before scheduling so we can advise a realistic time frame based for your particular requirements.

                                                      What is needed to submit for permits in Malaysia

  1. Script / Storyboard / Synopsis in English on the production company’s letterhead

  2. Profile of the production company; company name, company’s full address, contact person, telephone number, fax numbers, e-mail and website URL. Also include a bit of the history of the production company, including examples of past productions.

  3. Support letter by the commissioning broadcaster / company (if possible)

  4. A complete crew list with birthdate, nationality and passport details

  5. Digital passport-size photographs of each crew member with light colored, neutral background. This pictures must be of high quality. No hats, sunglasses or sleeveless shirts allowed.

  6. Digital scan of each crew members passport; front page, main page including all personal details, 3 empty pages

  7. Production equipment list with serial number and value of each item. If you are not sure yet what gear you will bring, take your best guess. Add rather more on the list than too little.

  8. Filming schedule with exact date and filming locations. We will help you to plan an optimized filming schedule.

  9. Tentative arrival and departure schedule of crew, including airport and airline flight details. Since we recommend you not to book your flights until your permits are approved, this tentative schedule will be your best guess and will be adjusted afterwards if neede

Film Permit Processing Costs

The complexity and work load of processing each permit varies depending upon the number of departments and parties involved and the complexity and scale of the shoot. Therefore it’s only possible to provide an accurate permit processing estimate once some details on the shoot specifics have been provided. Feel free to send through some basic details on your shoot including: A brief Description of the program with a rough filming schedule noting the filming locations and size of crew. With this information in hand we’re able to come back quickly with a permit processing estimate.

                                                                          Filming Equipment:
Malaysia is an ATA Carnet country and customs is strict about the importation of filming equipment so its important to get your equipment carnet documents stamped prior to arriving in Malaysia. 

                                                                               Work Permits

The visa application process for film crew is connected to the filming permit application and usually will be taken care of by your “local sponsor” and are arranged by us. Different nationalities of crew require a different procedure. People from most western countries will be able to collect their visa upon arrival in Peninsular Malaysia, Surawack or Sabah, others will need to collect it at the Malaysian Embassy overseas before traveling to Peninsular Malaysia.

A government watcher is not required in Malaysia however each shoot must be accompanied by a member of a licensed fixing company. 

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