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The Scope and Depth of Our International Film Production  Experience In Thailand Is Second To None

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Trafficked With Marianah Van Zeller
Human Planet BBC 1
Earthshot Prize Prince William
Gordon Ramsay Uncharted Laos

We have had the pleasure of fixing well over 150 diverse productions throughout the regions of Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and the Mekong Basin working hand in hand with many of the worlds most respected production houses. While doing so, we have built up an unrivalled resource of knowledge contacts and experience that consistently benefits our production partners.

The Green Planet With Sir David Attenborough

We have worked with international production teams from 5 continents on history, drama, feature films, Docudrama's, wildlife, extreme sports, survival shows, adventure expeditions, current affairs, live broadcasts, underwater productions, children’s programs, Natural History Programming, Factual documentaries, commercial advertisers, bloggers, TV News and reality TV shows. We have collaborated on all of the programs pictured on this page and many many more, 

BBC Earth Spy In The Ocean
Survivor NZ Warner Bros
Our Planet Netflix David
One Strange Rock Will Smith
Hostile Planet Bear Grylls

We have had the great pleasure to work with many of the worlds most renowned production houses and various big names in the global media industry including productions presented, acted or  Narrated by A list celebrities like Sir David Attenborough, Gordon Ramsay, Prince William, Will Smith, Bear Grylls, Mariannah Vanzeller, Hazen Audel, Gyles Clarke, Ed Stafford, Ryan Pyle, Mr Beast, Jane Lynch, Phil Keogan and many others.


Because so many of the best in the film making business have chosen to collaborate with Film Fixers Thailand, we are honored by the fact that various productions we have participated in have gone on to be nominated and awarded the highly prestigious Emmy and BAFTA's awards  

Locked Up Abroad Season 13 Korean Ecstacy King Cambodia
Primal Survivor Into Raging Waters Nat Geo
What Camilla Did Next ITV
Little Giants Animal Planet
A Perfect Planet BBC
Primal Survivor Mighty Mekong Hazen Audel Nat Geo
Dogs the Untold Stories Discovery Channel Thailand Filming
Fishing Impossible BBC
Our Planet David Attenborough

We provide recce’s, research, permits, equipment, logistics, catering, drone filming, casting crew and production support in every conceivable environment within our region, from bustling urban landscapes and world famous cultural sites, to remote wilderness areas and isolated tribal regions. We have a very long list of satisfied clients who can provide references for our work. 

BBC Baby Bears Giles Clark
Human Planet BBC
Nat Geo Live Earth
BB Two Jungle Atlantis

Mick and his team helped me setup, run and film a 6 month shoot in Thailand following a group of street dogs for a blue chip series for Discovery International. I had been trying to set this shoot for several months looking at locations across the world but couldn't find a fixer who could provide all the skills needed to run this project.

Micks team setup our shoots perfectly - From the moment our crew arrived in country everything worked like clockwork. Between our trips Mick filmed extra days covering the dogs with his A7s and drone. I would highly recommend Mick and his team for any production and will use them again at the first opportunity!

Scott Tankard PD - "Dogs - The Untold Story, Discovery International"

BBC Two The Big Fish Filming Laos
Langur Monkey Filming Laos Discovery Channel
Pangolins Sir David Attenborough
Ed Stafford Left For Dead
All Over the Place Asia Childrens BBC
River Monters Jermy Wade Discovery Thailand
Perfect Planet BBC
Expedition Buma BBC Earth Documenary Filmng Thailand
Our Planet Dcumentary Series Netflix Filming Thailand and Cambodia
Wonders of the Monsoon
Expedition Xebangfai Nat Geo
In the Naga's Wake Allen and Unwin
Primal Survivor Nat Geo
BBC Earth Natural World
Naomi's Nightmares of Nature CBBC
Mysteries of the Mekong
Nike Sweet Spots Brad Ludden
Animal Planet
Big Cats About the House
Mekong Exploring the Mother of Waters
Phuket Airport 10 x Part Series
Thailand Earths Tropical Paradise 3 part series
Royal Flush Extreme Kayaking Film
Animal Planet River Monsters
Jehovas Wetness Extreme Kayaking Film
Gordon Ramsay Uncharted. Nat Geo
Primal Survivor Thailand Laos Malaysia M
Netflix Our Planet.
Expedition Asia Ryan Pyle
7.30 Report ABC Australia With Kerry Obrien
Mic Filming
Concert Filming Southeast Asia
Cinema Camera Filming
Lens Set For Hire Southeast Asia
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